Michigan Health Care License Defense and Consulting


Nurse attorney Carol Holmes knows that when it comes to defending a professional health care license, or consultation regarding health care practice, experience counts. An attorney who understands and practices in the field of health care law can help in these situations, and is an invaluable resource.

Carol Holmes has been a practicing attorney since 1983, and also has over 18 years nursing experience. Her law firm, Carol Holmes, P.C., represents professionals in a wide variety of health care fields who are facing potential disciplinary actions. The firm's clients include both Michigan health care professionals and those outside the state who need assistance to defend a Michigan health care license.

Carol's knowledge of the workings of the health care field differentiates her firm from other attorneys in cases involving health care licensure or professional discipline. Carol has extensive background in the civil court system, including handling many trials as well as appeals where necessary, and has also achieved a seven-figure settlement on her client's behalf in a medical malpractice action. Her knowledge and practice of litigation spans over 30 years.

Carol is set apart by the fact that, in addition to her background of civil litigation experience, which is of significant benefit to her clients, she now concentrates her practice in the area of administrative law. Administrative law is considered quasi-criminal. The rules of evidence used in the civil justice system are also used by the Administrative Law Judges during Administrative Hearings, so it is very helpful to have an advocate knowledgeable in both areas, litigation and administrative law, to be able to fully protect a Michigan health care professional's license during the disciplinary process.

As a nurse attorney, Carol Holmes understands both the emotional and professional impact of licensure and disciplinary issues. She firmly believes that every client deserves honest, responsive communication, personal attention and support, and an attorney who will fight to protect her client's interests. Carol is dedicated to providing all of those things to every client with whom she works.