Why Choose Carol Holmes for Your Michigan Health Care Licensing Issue?

Knowledge of Law and Health Care

When a health care professional faces disciplinary action, including health care license suspension or revocation, it is important to have an attorney who understands not just the law, but the health care field. As both a licensed attorney and a licensed nurse, Carol Holmes is uniquely qualified to help clients with their Michigan health care licensing issues. Her clients come from a number of fields, and include nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, social workers, counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, veterinarians, and many other health care occupations. Carol assists clients both within Michigan and across the United States with their Michigan licensing issues.

Understanding and Advocacy

As a nurse and an attorney, Carol Holmes understands that health care professionals enter their fields because they want to help others. As a group, health care professionals tend to be hard-working, caring, dedicated individuals who put patients or clients first. Because of their deep commitment to their profession(s), it is devastating for Michigan health care professionals when they are confronted with the possibility of any type of disciplinary action on their license(s).

Carol knows that her clients need not just legal expertise, but understanding, reassurance, and support throughout the disciplinary process. As a former health care professional herself, she is able to empathize with what clients are going through; as an attorney, she is able to offer reassurance, direction and hope. Carol operates her high-tech law office with the best tools possible to assist clients and protect their interests.

Because Carol understands precisely how important her clients' licenses and professions are to them, she does everything possible to achieve a fair and just result in each case. Unlike attorneys who accept health care licensure cases only to try to work out "a deal" for their clients, Carol keeps going and fights for the best outcome possible in every case. She does everything in her power to get each case to the point at which there can be a recommendation for dismissal of the complaint, if that is at all possible. She knows the administrative system, the personnel involved in the process, and uses that information to her client's advantage.

Guidance and Empowerment

Facing disciplinary action or license suspension or revocation can make life seem out of control for health care professionals. Carol Holmes is committed to empowering her clients. She offers them a clear understanding of the disciplinary process they are facing because, as she notes, "knowledge is power." With her understanding of both the health care and legal systems, Carol is able to explain what lies ahead and to give and explain clients options. Though she provides intensive guidance for her clients, Carol makes sure that clients know that they do have options, and what the possible ramifications of the options are, before the client ultimately decides which is the best one to pursue in his or her case.

Carol deeply values and respects each client. As one client for whom she recently obtained a favorable result observed, "(Carol) treated me like family."

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