Health Care License Consulting

For Individual Practitioners

Health care practitioners who hold a Michigan license often need consultation with an attorney who understands issues relating to licensure and discipline. Practitioners may find themselves struggling with issues that can jeopardize a license if not dealt with promptly, such as mental health, alcohol or substance abuse concerns. Other health care professionals, who have received license sanctions in the past, may need guidance when it comes time to seek new employment.

Whatever the nature of an individual health care practitioner's concern, nurse attorney Carol Holmes offers the practical support and legal guidance to address it.

HPRP and Substance Abuse Issues

Michigan has established a program for licensed or registered health care professionals dealing with substance abuse, mental health issues, or chemical dependency concerns. This program, the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP), can be beneficial to professionals struggling with substance issues or mental health concerns that may affect professional practice. But, in other cases, it may not be warranted, or even desirable.

HPRP is available to health professionals, who may self-report to HPRP, or who are referred by employers. However, HPRP may not be advisable in certain cases, and may actually harm an individual, physically, emotionally and financially.

Further information is available by contacting an attorney, such as Carol Holmes, who is knowledgeable about the potential ramifications of HPRP participation.

Job Search After Disciplinary Issues

For health care professionals who have undergone health care license discipline in Michigan, including license suspension or revocation, the disciplinary process is often just the beginning. Seeking new employment can cause apprehension and many questions.

For health care professionals with concerns about substance abuse, mental health, job search or other issues, experienced, compassionate guidance is available. We invite you to contact our office by phone at 248-690-7059, toll free at 866-814-9004, by e-mail via, or by using our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.