Carol Holmes
R.N., B.S.N., J.D.
Representing Health Care Professionals for over 30 years.

When should I hire an attorney, and what kind of attorney would be appropriate if I want representation?

Any allegations against your license, which may result in a sanction, are serious. So, having legal help as you go through an investigation or file an Answer, or attend an informal or formal meeting or Hearing, will be very beneficial to you. An attorney can be hired at any step in the process, but the earlier, the better. Some licensees wait until the last minute to decide they are not qualified to represent themselves, only to find that options that would have been available to them earlier are no longer available. An attorney who regularly handles licensing administrative law matters will know and understand the unique aspects of licensing law that other legal practitioners may not know. Additionally, it is helpful to have an attorney on your side who knows the "players" on the other side, and can advise you of what to expect and how to properly prepare your case before it is ultimately decided by your Board, and while you still have options.

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