For Health Care Organizations

In addition to working with health care professionals who are licensed in Michigan, nurse attorney Carol Holmes also consults with and provides educational services for health care organizations. Carol offers services to nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, home health care agencies, physicians' offices, and other facilities that offer health care services.

Having worked both as a nurse and as an attorney, Carol Holmes understands that members of the health care profession may approach care issues differently than courts or attorneys do. While health care professionals focus on giving the best care for their patients' needs, attorneys examine potential liability issues. Caring professionals who have acted with the best of intentions can find themselves, or their employers, facing serious legal challenges.

Consulting Services

Carol Holmes is available to consult with Michigan health care organizations on various practice issues, including:

  • Record-keeping best practices
  • Patient privacy/HIPAA
  • End-of-life care
  • Patient forms and protocols

Many Michigan health care organizations prepare their own forms for patients to complete, but without the guidance of an attorney familiar with health care law, these forms may be inadequate for their intended purpose. Carol Holmes offers review of internally-drafted forms and protocols to help Michigan health care organizations of all sizes provide appropriate services to their patients and to steer clear of unintended legal consequences.

Educational Seminars

Michigan health care organizations often offer their employees educational programs to update them on legal or practice issues they may face in providing care or protecting themselves from potential disciplinary actions. Nurse attorney Carol Holmes offers seminars to organizations on topics such as

  • Avoiding medical malpractice
  • Avoiding health care licensing issues
  • Patient privacy/HIPAA
  • End-of-life care issues

Carol looks forward to customizing a seminar or presentation to a particular topic requested by your organization. We invite you to contact our office by phone at 248-690-7059, toll free at 866-814-9004, by e-mail via, or by using our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.